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Rent one of our vans!

If you're looking for a reliable and fuel-efficient van to take on an off-grid adventure, this van is for you. This is a beautifully handcrafted and rugged camper conversion perfect for people wanting the flexibility of being able to take the camper (almost) anywhere: sandy beach campsites as well as grassy farm fields. With Brian, there's no need to be restricted to crowded campsites, as you won't need electric hook-up or hard standing. 

Brian is located near Welshpool, especially convenient for heading into Wales. If you are interested in exploring Wales, we can recommend campsites a bit more on the wild side which are good for activities like wild swimming, fishing, sea kayaking and walking.

We have fitted All Terrain tyres so you are less likely to get stuck when exploring (or finding that perfect spot at the far end of the field!). The van has four leisure batteries being charged by 200watt solar and also split charge relay (the batteries charge when you're driving). The inverter is rated to 3000 watts so will be able to handle most 240v devices such as laptops. There is a diesel heater for the cooler months. You won't need to use the electric hook up at campsites.

There is a huge fixed bed (width: 181 cm, length: 167 cm) providing loads of room to lounge about, with laptop table, charging and windows nearby.

The huge cooking area is great if you enjoy cooking, with a dual hob gas burner (gas provided), grill, and oven. The sink is a normal sized sink so no need to try and do the washing up in a tiny bowl. There's two water containers under the sink.

The driver's seat is a captain's chair that swivels round to meet the end of the kitchen unit making it a great place to sit and enjoy views, finish off the last few emails, or chop some veg. The seat behind the passenger seat doubles as a toilet and houses the Theford 165 Portapoti.

There's plenty of space under the bed for storage. There's also space on the roof to tie down your surfboards. We also have surfboards, an inflatable kayak and fishing gear to lend you if you want to give these a go. 

Rental campervan
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